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Review: Sasha Go Hard At Santos Party House

Here’s an indicator of the presence of Chicago’s drill scene in hip-hop. Sasha Go Hard, the 20-year-old from the city’s South Side, kicked off her NYC debut last night at Santos Party House by arriving to the stage to Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like.” At this point, the song’s riotous energy and lyrics were pretty familiar with the crowd. It set the tone for her entire set—to the delight of many.  After building a fan base from her viral street anthems, it’s safe to say that Sasha is breaking out of her regional popularity.

“Make some noise if you are ready to turn up!”  Sasha shouted as she hit the stage for her first headlining look. Wearing a black tee with the words “Sasha Go Hard” written in yellow and dark shades, the drill princess wasted little time keeping the crowd fired up. She went in with her standout cuts from her second mixtape  Do You Know Who I Am?first with “Why They Mad?” and then the inked up anthem “Tatted.” Chi-Town’s go-to video director and producer DGainz was her hype man for the night, which he accentuated all of her hard-hitting punchlines.

Overall, it was a brief set, which made a lot of sense considering she only has a few bangers to her name. “Make some noise if you ready to turn up again,” she asked, before launching into her breakout single, “Welcome to the Real World.” Unlike her first two songs, it didn’t have the same power and weight for a crazy crowd response. Still, she finished strong with the Young Chop-produced “I Think I Like That” that shot up the intensity levels.

Sasha Go Hard is proof that the new wave of drill music is gaining momentum.  Other budding movements such as the talented Le1f, who turned in solid performances of “Wut” and other Dark York mixtape cuts, are craving their own lanes, but fans have taken a liking to rhymes about the city’s gritty realism. Like many of the teenage artists coming up, Sasha is just appreciative to soak it all in. “Big shout out to everybody who here. We love ya’ll.”

I Interviewed Kirko Bangz

As much as I play “Drank In My Cup,” I still have trouble spelling this guy’s name. Its “Kirko” not “Kriko.” I have the same problem for Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea. Damn those “Azea” names.

Anyways, Kirko Bangz dropped his official remix video over the weekend with 2 Chainz and Juelz Santana. (Check it out over at Complex) The way I see it is Kirko plans on pushing this single as far as possible. Warner Bros. might have a plan to let the kid marinate a little bit until he’s ready to drop some quality music. I’ve listened to both Progression mixtapes; he can rap. Just doing the whole hit after hit routine has been done before. His third Progression mixtape needs to be what So Far Gone was to Drake - something that really defines his musical direction and sound. H-Town’s got some dope rappers out there, so he could possibly fit in with the crowd.

This quick interview was for VIBE earlier this year. Trust me when I say this: I am shy journalist. Like the worse of its kind. I must have stuttered so many times before I got my first question out. I know, he’s not a huge star. But I’m learning to cope with it. We talk Drake and Lil’ Wayne comparisons, how he came up with “Drank In My Cup” and southern legends co-signing him. Check it here. 

I Interviewed Action Bronson

In light of Action Bronson's new song “A Simple Man” released on Twitter, I want to try something. By the way, the track is dope and producer Tommy Mas should be getting some looks soon (Last time I checked, he's got something cooking with Tommy Mas too.)

As an excuse to organize everything I have published on the Internet and to reflect on my growth, I interviewed Bronson while interning for RESPECT. Magazine. This was days before his joint project Well Done with DJ Statik Selektah dropped. For some reason, I thought since he was a former chef, it would be cool to ask him about Kanye West’s line, “You got the swag sauce, she dripping swagu” off Beyonce’s “Party.” Thinking that line was universally known to every rapper, he was just confused. Well, lesson learned. Not everybody is a Yeezy stan or understands his lingo. Check out the interview and his new shit below.

Action Bronson “A Simple Man”

Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre’s “The Recipe” is getting a pretty good response all over music blogs. Big Boy sat down with Kendrick and spoke with Dre over the phone. Dre reveals how the track came together, while Big Boy talks about his fan moment of being in the studio with him. Apparently, he loves his music loud.

New Mixtape: Doley Bernays “Wrong Turn Into Yesterday”

Until the main website is up and running again, I’ll have to fallback on Tumblr. Yes, I haven’t been posting enough lately, but its always difficult to juggle work and pleasure. Goal for the last week of March - post more often.

Harlem’s own Doley Bernays dropped a new mixtape last week called Wrong Turn Into Yesterday. Read his bio on DatPiff for a little bit more about him. I met him personally and he seems hellbent on putting his Tupac-like style narratives on the map. Euro League makes a few appearances, who is both his partner in rhyme, homie and a solo artist developing in his own sound. It seems a lot of other blogs outside of the NY area have been paying attention, so the reception is definitely on the rise. Take a listen.